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James Rouse continues the family Custom Building & Renovation tradition, a legacy of building and customer service excellence established by his great grandfather 60 years ago and continued by his grandfather (and mentor). Through high school and college, James sought every opportunity to learn the time-honoured skills of craftsmanship and most importantly, how to apply this knowledge consistent with Ontario’s building codes and advances in building materials and technology.


The skill of building runs in the Rouse family blood and has been passed down from generation to generation. With James walking in his great-grandfather and grandfather’s footsteps. Photos of grandpa Rouse in 1995.

The Cottage Story

In 1977, grandpa Rouse built a brand new cottage for a family in Grey County. 40 years later, James got a call to renovate and modernize the exact same cottage. Putting the pieces together, he was literally walking in his grandfather’s footsteps and working on the exact same cottage, at the same age his grandfather was when it was originally built.

Having a positive reputation in the area for generations, stories like this in Grey and Bruce county are common, with Rouse Builders making connections with families, and each build has a special story that makes it unique. 

The Original Blueprints:

The 2020 Renovations:

Our Team Promise:

We believe in quality work, transparent timelines, and hiring the best to get the job done. 

Every build is unique, just like every homeowner. James takes every project to heart as if it’s his own family’s home.

Using Buildertrend construction project management, you have the ability to check on progress, ask questions and see updates in real-time.

With passion, attention to detail and the drive to build beautiful houses, you can count on James Rouse Custom Builder to get the job done.  

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