Now Offering: Seamless Eavestrough Installations

If you’ve ever had to clear eavestroughs clogged with decaying debris or hire a contractor to excavate your property and fill cracks in your foundation, you understand the importance of having an effective rainwater drainage system for your home. Overflow caused by clogged or cracked gutters increases the risk of water seeping under roofs or into basements. We carry AluRex gutter guards and continuous fastening systems—long-lasting solutions to protect your most important investments.

Eavestroughs must be protected year-round, but especially during our harsh Canadian winters. Most people think gutter guards (as the name suggests) are only good for keeping debris out of your gutters. But AluRex products do more: They reinforce the system to withstand over 200 pounds per foot and they deflect UV rays that can damage corner sealant over time. Canadianmade AluRex products are ultra-durable and available with a range of options to suit every situation.

Our team of experts offers not only gutter cleaning services, but also AluRex GutterClean System® gutter guard installation. Perfect for wooded areas, this product has a polymer membrane that creates a watertight seal between the back of the gutter guard and the gutter itself, cutting your cleaning time by 75%. Years of experience in the industry have shown us that there’s no such thing as the perfect product, but AluRex’s 40-year no-clog warranty guarantees you get the best quality and value.


Providing High Quality seamless aluminium eavestroughing using industry leading products.


30 years combined experience installing troughs and gutter systems.


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